Easy way to find FS

Philippine financial statements are available online through the following steps:

  1. Go to PSE Edge Portal.
  2. Type the Company Name.
  3. Go to the lower section of the page to find the company you are searching for.
  4. Click the company name. From there, you may navigate through the Stock Data, Company Information, Directors and Management, Financial Reports, Company Disclosures, and Dividends and Rights.
  5. In order to download the financial statements, kindly go to Company Disclosures.
  6. Find or Control+F and type “Annual Report”.
  7. Then a new window will appear so you may download the attachment or financial statement (or portion of the financial statement) that you need. Please note that some financial statements will require more time to be downloaded because of the size of the file and/or the speed of your internet connection.

Hope you find this information useful!

– Mag, Your Partner in Decision-Making

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