Checklist for April 15

We summarized below the general documents required by the SEC and BIR from a stock corporation in relation to the submission of annual audited financial statements (FS) and corporate income tax returns (ITR):

  1. Cover sheet;
  2. Company title page;
  3. Statement of Management Report on FS;
  4. Statement of Management Report on ITR;
  5. Certificate of Compilation Services of Company’s CPA;
  6. Independent Auditor’s Report on FS (opinion, basis of opinion, responsibilities of Management, and auditor’s responsibilities);
  7. Face (SFP, SCI, SCE, and SCF);
  8. Notes to the FS;
  9. RR 15-2010 and RR 19-2011;
  10. Independent Auditor’s Report on SRC Rule No. 68;
  11. Independent Auditor’s Report on Supplementary Schedules;
  12. List of Effective Standards;
  13. Financial Statement Ratios;
  14. Retained Earnings Available for Dividend Declaration;
  15. GIS ;
  16. GFFS;
  17. ITR (additional requirements: CPA certificate, 2304 on income tax payments not subjected to withholding taxes, 2307, proof of prior year’s excess credits, and SAWT); and
  18. SEC requirements, hardcopies in A4-sized bondpaper (GIS in 4 copies sworn by Corporate Secretary, GFFS in 4 copies certified by Treasurer, AFS 4 copies stamped “received” by BIR, GIS and GFFS in diskette).

Other documents may be required depending on the nature of each company’s business.

Hope this list will guide you all throughout this busy season!

Just don’t forget to secure your own receiving copy for each document you submit 🙂

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