The Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2)

The Modified Pag-IBIG 2, commonly known as MP2, a savings scheme open to all existing Pag-IBIG I members, is designed with a yield higher than what is provided under Pag-IBIG I. The program took effect on February 3, 2010. We personally believe that MP2 is a great way to save money. Your contributions and savings are secured because it is government guaranteed. It’s really safe to save here since the worst thing that can happen is having zero interest, giving you the capital but no gain, unlike in UITF, mutual funds, stock market or any risky investment scheme where there … Continue reading The Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2)

All About Budgeting

Have you been working 40+ hours per week – not to mention overtime and your part-time jobs – yet you are still in debt? Are you tired of just living from paycheck to paycheck? If you are familiar and have experienced “critical wallet days” more than once then maybe you should consider budgeting. The word “budget” can easily turn off people; it is associated with restrictions, additional work, and Dos and Don’ts. It also suggests that you have to stop yourself from enjoying things, or worse give them up. However, budgeting can help you save money and in some way, … Continue reading All About Budgeting

52-Week Money Challenge

I bet you have heard and tried many ways to save money but to no avail because of  non-stop expenses and your strong belief with: “Food is life” and “You only live once.” Have you been working for years but still has no savings? I understand that you want to enjoy your hard-earned money but it would be really great if you could save some for the future. Saving money can really be difficult so there are number of strategies and challenges that you can try – one of which is – 52-Week Money Challenge. How It Works To begin … Continue reading 52-Week Money Challenge

A Great Way to Save a Lot

A wise Chinese businessman once told me that before purchasing something, he considers the following: The minimum capital requirement to recover the amount he spent. Meaning, he has to know how much capital he needs to invest that will gain an amount equal to the amount he spent. For example, he wants to buy a nice watch worth Php 50,000. If he has a business where he gains 10% on his sales, then he has to shell out Php 500,000 (or Php 50,000 divided by 10%) in order to gain back his Php 50,000. Pretty large sum of money, right? … Continue reading A Great Way to Save a Lot