Del Monte stocks analysis

If you are on the same boat with us, wondering if you should or should not invest in Del Monte, you may check the Company’s audited and unaudited financial statements thru this link as your first step of evaluation. As a recap, Del Monte Foods, Inc. (the North American food production and distribution company) was acquired by the Filipino multinational food and beverage company Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL) in an acquisition deal in 2014 that cost US$1.67 billion with $1.28 billion credit backing. Credit is split among (1) $350 million asset-based revolving credit facility; (2) $650 million, seven-year term loan B; … Continue reading Del Monte stocks analysis

Analysis of PSE-listed companies

Stock investing is like shopping but most often than not, it tends to require higher analytical skills and emotional stability. Since we want to become more familiar with the listed companies in the Philippines to get the best value for our money, we have to analyze each one of them. However, since most of us have limited time to study them all and that there are about 270 of them, we looked for ways to disaggregate the companies’ data into simple and comparable analytical tables. As an appetizer to the full course of our  study of the stock investing anatomy in the … Continue reading Analysis of PSE-listed companies

Winning Strategies for Investing

We’ve been busy doing other stuff (e.g. preparing financial statements and income tax returns) but we still managed to finish 2 books about investing for you, guys. These books are: Stock Investing Made Easy Winning Strategies for Investing Both were written by Marvin Germo, a stock market trader, entrepreneur, book author, international speaker, and a personal financial consultant. The first book I mentioned is interesting but in this blog post, we will just delve on the succeeding aforementioned book. The book contains valuable techniques that can easily be followed. However, I may not be allowed to disclose too much information … Continue reading Winning Strategies for Investing

Stock Trading 101

In today’s era, people are becoming more engaged with businesses and investments where their money works for them. One of the common investment vehicles used are stocks. Following are the fundamental concepts of stocks, its characteristics, types, and several factors to consider when buying or selling shares of stocks. Stocks are considered to be a fair share in a company – a claim on company’s assets and earnings. These are sometimes referred to as equity or equities and are issued by companies to raise capital in order to grow the business or undertake new projects. These can either be ordinary … Continue reading Stock Trading 101